At, it is our goal to buy, test and review all of the most popular music lessons products online.

We started out by reviewing and comparing the top guitar lessons, but the awesome feedback we got from guitarists led us to find people experienced with other instruments and expand the site into more types of lessons.

Check out all the lessons we have reviewed and compared so far below, and have fun learning!

Guitar Lessons

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We have been playing guitar for a combined 24 years. Since we bought a bunch of courses and joined quite a few online membership sites, we decided to review all of them, rate them with an unbiased spreadsheet algorithm, then compare the best guitar lessons side-by-side. Here are the current top-rated guitar lessons:

1. JamPlay – Rating: 98.2% – Price: $19.95/month – Type: Online Guitar Lessons

2. Guitar Tricks – Rating: 96.8% – Price: $14.95/month – Type: Online Guitar Lessons

3. Learn & Master Guitar – Rating: 82.1% – Price: $149.00 – Type: DVD Guitar Lessons

Singing Lessons

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Once we starting hearing a ton of great feedback about our guitar lesson reviews, we decided to expand the site with the other types of lessons we had taken: singing. We bought the most popular courses and compared the best singing lessons too. Based on our ratings, here are the top singing lessons available:

1. Singing Success – Rating: 96.4% – Price: $199 – Type: Audio & Video

2. Singorama – Rating: 82.4% – Price: $99.95 – Type: Audio & eBooks

3. Vocal Release – Rating: 73.5% – Price: $97.00 – Type: Audio & eBooks

Drum Lessons

When my wife’s brother Ben heard about Lessons Review, he offered to help out with drum lessons. He has a degree in percussion performance and has been playing drums for over 15 years, so of course we were happy to have his help! Ben has reviewed 5 of the most popular drum lessons online. Here are the top 3 drum lessons right now:

1. Drumeo – Rating: 97.9% – Price: $37/month – Type: Online

2. Drumming System – Rating: 93.7% – Price: $297 – Type: DVD

3. Learn & Master Drums – Rating: 81.5% – Price: $149 – Type: DVD

Bass Lessons

Bass Guitar has had such a huge influence on modern music, and yet it’s not in the limelight like lead guitar and singing. Many bassists have become frontmen of awesome bands though, and bass is a fantastic skill to learn, no matter what your goals with music. We bought the most popular options online, and here are the top 3 bass lessons overall:

1. JamPlay Bass – Rating: 97.4% – Price: $19.95/month – Type: Online

2. Teach Me Bass Guitar – Rating: 87.8% – Price: $187.50 – Type: DVD

3. Learn & Master Bass – Rating: 74.9% – Price: Discontinued – Type: DVD

Piano Lessons

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Piano lesson reviews coming soon! We are currently testing and reviewing piano lessons. The list below links directly to the courses we have purchased so far.

1. Learn & Master Piano – Rating: 96.4% – Price: $149 – Type: DVD

2. Piano System – Rating: 89.2% – Price: $97 – Type: DVD

3. Rocket Piano – Rating: 84.7% – Price: $39.95 – Type: Video, Audio & eBooks

4. Private Lessons – Rating: 82.5% – Price: $15-$50/lesson – Type: In Person