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There are 1,000’s of review sites on the Internet, but most of them were created for the sole purpose of making money; but that’s why we’re different.


The only way we can even make money is if we help you find the right lessons and that teacher offers commissions for referring friends, and that’s just side money we use to pay for the costs of running this website (and to add to our music collections).

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Writer & Developer: Kyle loves guitar, playing volleyball, going to concerts, and building websites. He has been playing guitar for over a decade, and he created LessonsReview.com with Brian since they play music together. He handles research, web development, writing reviews and buying guides.


Writer & Designer: Brian’s main hobbies are tennis and basketball, and he has been playing guitar since he was about 8 years old. He researches products and puts all the details in easy-to-read comparison tables to save you time.

Hey! We’re Kyle & Brian, the creators of Lessons Review. Our goal is to help you find great guitar lessons.

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