Are you looking for some online drum lessons or DVDs, but not sure how they compare? I’ve been playing drums for over 15 years and now I want to help other drummers find their way, so I purchased all of the top online and DVD drum lessons and wrote unbiased reviews to make your decision easier. Compare the top 5 drum lessons below:

Drum Lessons Drumeo Drumming
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Master Drums
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This is my overall rating for the course. It is based on a weighted rating algorithm that uses dozens of factors.

Rating: 97.9%
Rating: 93.7%
Rating: 83.4%
Rating: 81.5%
Rating: 71.9%
Lesson Format

How is the material organized? Where can I access it?

Online Videos
& Community
20 DVDs
5 CDs
5 Workbooks
Online Videos
& Community
12 DVDs
5 CDs
1 Workbook
Online Videos
PDFs & MP3s
Video Quality

If these lessons offer video instruction (and we hope they do), this gives an idea of how well-filmed the videos are.

Extremely High Very High Extremely High Very High Acceptable
Total Lessons

The number of lessons offered by this community/instructor (and the total lesson time if available).

250+ Lessons
250+ Hours
267 Lessons
30 Hours
200+ Lessons
35+ Hours
22 Lessons
17 Hours
45 Lessons
4 Hours

One benefit of Online and DVD lessons is the ability to learn from multiple instructors with different backgrounds, genres and skills.

20 Teachers 1 Teacher 11 Teachers 1 Teacher 1 Teacher
Full Review

This table compares the top 5 drum lessons. Click Read Review to learn more about one option.

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Does this product/service offer beginner drum lessons? This is the most common level, crucial for getting started at any age.


Do they also have lessons beyond the beginner level? Once you've mastered the basics, you'll want intermediate lessons.


Some teachers even have lessons designed for advanced players that have moved through beginner and intermediate lessons.

Song Lessons

Want to learn popular songs on the drums? Some instructors work hard to get license deals to teach you specific songs step-by-step.

Live / Feedback

Some services offer live lessons with webcam or chat, and/or private instructor feedback.


Forums are a great resource to get answers to your questions from instructors and other students quickly and easily.


Delivery refers to how you will receive your drum lessons and how long it will take to get access and start learning how to drum.

5-7 Days
and/or Online
3-14 Days

The current price of drum lessons (not including any coupon codes, trials or discounts we find for you.)

$29.95/month $197 $19.99/month $149 + S&H $49.95

Price divided by total lessons. Note: We assume 12 full months of membership for online lessons.

$1.43 / Lesson
~$1.25 / Hour
$0.74 / Lesson
$6.57 / Hour
$0.60 / Lesson
~$3.50 / Hour
$6.75 / Lesson
$8.75 / Hour
$1.11 / Lesson
$12.50 / Hour

The guarantee tells you how long you can try these drum lessons and get a full refund of your money if it doesn't work out.

90-Day, 100%
Money Back
90-Day, 100%
Money Back
60-Day, 100%
Money Back
60-Day, 100%
Money Back
56-Day, 100%
Money Back
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How I Rated the Best Drum Lessons

After I have used each product extensively and have a good feel for everything that it has to offer, I'll write my full review to organize my thoughts and make sure there's substance behind my opinions. Using that qualitative assessment as a foundation, I put together a spreadsheet where I assign scores of 1-10 to each product for a range of criteria. These criteria are then weighted based on my experience of how important these factors are to musical development and general enjoyment.

The criteria include things like:

  • Comprehensiveness of lessons
  • Intelligent structure
  • Lesson format
  • Value for Price
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Video quality
  • Motivating content
  • Variety of musical styles
  • Technical support
  • Feedback from instructors

The criteria and algorithm create an overall score that hopefully makes it easier to understand how the products compare in overall value/quality. The ratings don't mean that Drumeo is 97.9% perfect. They just give an idea of how big the gap is between products and whether each product is acceptable, good, or excellent for each criterion. Each product is scored in relation to the others, so I recommend that you pay the most attention to the size of the gap between products as well as the in-depth, full review.

Based on weeks of product testing, my analytical reviews and the accompanying rating algorithm, I found that Drumeo (97.9) offers the best online drum lessons and Drumming System (93.7) is by far the best series of DVD drum lessons.

I hope that my comparison table and reviews will help you save time and choose the right drum lessons for you. Most importantly, I hope the lessons will have you feeling comfortable around the drums and making great music in the very near future.