Music MuseThinking about signing up for Music Muse, but not sure if it’s worth the money? I’ve bought and used all of the options for drum lessons online, so I wrote reviews of them to help you determine which one is best for you.

Music Muse is a newer website and it has already passed up multiple other courses due to its quality of instruction and video lessons.

It’s cheaper than private lessons, but $19.99/month is still worth an in-depth look, so let me take you through all the details in my Music Muse review.

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– Over 200 edited, focused videos
– Chapter markers for easy navigation within videos
– Easy navigation to find lessons that fit your style and ability
– 10 different teachers, each with their own specialty
– Sheet music for all lesson material
– Videos are available in both HD and standard definition
– All content is instantly available online, no waiting for the delivery truck
– Forum for discussing the lessons and all things drums


Music MuseMusic Muse







Music MuseMusic Muse







Here are the most common questions I receive about MusicMuse. If you have more, feel free to leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to find an answer for you.

Q: How much will this cost me?

A: They have a few different subscription options. If you sign-up for a longer time then the price comes down. It starts at $19.99 for monthly subscriptions, $44.99 for 3 months, and $124.99 for a full year.

Q: If I don’t like it, can I get my money back?

A: Yes, you can receive a full refund any time within 60-days of purchase.

Q: How does MusicMuse compare to private lessons?

A: Well it has the typical advantage of scheduling flexibility and learning at home, but the only real feedback mechanism is the forums. These are useful, but at some point you will need feedback from a real teacher.

Q: How many lessons will I have access to?

A: Currently they offer over 200 lessons which range from 3 to 26 minutes in length, though the typical lesson is about 10 minutes. This is a relatively young website though and they will be adding additional lessons in different categories in the near future.

Q: How many instructors are there?

A: There are 11 instructors who cover a range of styles from jazz to heavy metal to rudimental drumming.

Q: System requirements?

A: As long as you have a reasonably modern computer and an internet connection faster than 56k dial-up, you should be fine. The videos are available in HD and standard definition so you can choose which is best for your connection.

Q: Can I learn actual songs with MusicMuse?

A: At this point they only offer instruction on technique and patterns for playing different styles of music. They do not currently have any play-along tracks or charts for famous songs.


Drum Lessons
Overall Rating

This is my overall rating for the course. It is based on a weighted rating algorithm that uses dozens of factors.

83.4/100 Rating
Rating: 83.4%

The current price of drum lessons (not including any coupon codes, trials or discounts we find for you.)


Price divided by total lessons. Note: We assume 12 full months of membership for online lessons.

$0.60 / Lesson
~$3.50 / Hour
Best Deal

To help you save money, we find deals and coupon codes for each of the drum lessons we review.


The guarantee tells you how long you can try these drum lessons and get a full refund of your money if it doesn't work out.

60-Day, 100%
Money Back
Lesson Format

How is the material organized? Where can I access it?

Online Videos
& Community

Delivery refers to how you will receive your drum lessons and how long it will take to get access and start learning how to drum.

Visit Site

This button takes you to the official website to check out their drum lessons and get started.


Does this product/service offer beginner drum lessons? This is the most common level, crucial for getting started at any age.


Do they also have lessons beyond the beginner level? Once you've mastered the basics, you'll want intermediate lessons.


Some teachers even have lessons designed for advanced players that have moved through beginner and intermediate lessons.

Song Lessons

Want to learn popular songs on the drums? Some instructors work hard to get license deals to teach you specific songs step-by-step.

Live / Feedback

Some services offer live lessons with webcam or chat, and/or private instructor feedback.

Video Quality

If these lessons offer video instruction (and we hope they do), this gives an idea of how well-filmed the videos are.

Extremely High
Lesson Length

Most private drum teachers do 30 minute blocks, but most topics don't require that long by video.

~10 Minutes
Total Lessons

Some courses out there have less than 50 lessons, which isn't much to build on. Look for at least 100 lessons, preferably over 1,000.

200+ Lessons
35+ Hours

One benefit of Online and DVD lessons is the ability to learn from multiple instructors with different backgrounds, genres and skills.

11 Teachers
Lesson Quality

Our personal rating for how well-made, organized and helpful these drum lessons are overall.

84.3/100 Rating
Lesson Quality: 84.3%
Value for Price

Value for price is our way of comparing lesson quality, features, tools and support with the cost of these drum lessons.

70.7/100 Rating
Value for Price: 70.7%
Ease of Use

How easy does the creator make their drum lessons to use? Are the videos easy to follow? Are the tools helpful or too complex?

92.3/100 Rating
Ease of Use: 92.3%

Support refers to how much help you will actually receive as a customer. Will the teacher(s) and students answer your questions?

95.1/100 Rating
Support: 95.1%
Lesson Variety

Variety is the spice of life. Don't get dragged into boring lessons that all follow the same formula. More lesson variety = more fun.

80.5/100 Rating
Lesson Variety: 80.5%

We personally evaluate each lesson for many logical ratings, but it's also important that you'll be entertained while learning.

82.7/100 Rating
Entertainment: 82.7%

Will I learn rudimental drumming patterns that will help me improvise?

Hand Technique

Will they teach me how to hold the sticks and how to increase my speed and endurance?

Foot Technique

Do they pay much attention to increasing skills with the bass drum and hi-hat?

Gear and Setup

Do they devote lessons to equipment, tuning, and setup?


Will they teach me how to read music?


Are there lessons about rock drumming?


Are there lessons about jazz drumming?


Are there lessons about latin drumming?


Are there lessons that focus on drum fills?


Are there lessons that focus on drum solos?

Jam Tracks

Are there lessons or other recordings that allow me to play along with other musicians?

Best Deal

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Full Review


Rating: 83.4/100. High quality video lessons, 24/7 online access, a well-designed website, and lots of new content added every month at a low cost make Music Muse a strong choice for online drum lessons.


– Concise, well-edited lessons allow you to focus on the most important points
– Monthly subscription rate is the lowest entry point for people who aren’t sure about online drum lessons
– 11 different instructors who teach their specialties


– No play along tracks or MP3 files
– Limited library of lessons, especially for advanced players

Lesson Format

With each lesson the instructor will choose a single technique, rhythm, or concept and work through it in a logical way. This typically means:

– A verbal explanation of the different elements
– Breaking the rhythm down by hand/foot
– Four bars of demonstration at a moderate tempo
– Putting all the hands and feet together
– Speeding it up
– Variations

During the verbal explanation the camera gives you a simple shot from the front, but during the demonstration it will often shift to close-ups of the hands and feet with 3 videos shown at the same time.

In addition to giving you a better look at the technique, this 3-camera approach helps you to wrap your head around the pattern without looking at sheet music. Just like when you play one limb at a time and then put them together, the simultaneous videos isolate each limb visually, so that you can quickly make sense of even the most complicated patterns.

To summarize, there is nothing very surprising about the lesson format. Everything works as expected, the lessons are edited to be clear and concise, and they can be quickly reviewed without skimming through an entire hour of content.

This concision is the major advantage of Music Muse over the live-recorded Drumeo lessons, though this does mean that you don’t have access to that hour of content if that is what you prefer. You will have to decide for yourself how all the pros and cons stack up.


The Music Muse video library currently offers instruction from 10 different teachers. Each teacher has their own strengths and most of the courses are taught by a single teacher (i.e. one teacher per course, not that one guy teaches a majority of the courses).

Though the course, “Improving Your Grooves and Fills” features 4 different teachers, so you certainly have access to different teachers and perspectives within some of the courses/genres.

Music Muse

They have a nice navigation feature where you can see the list of all teachers, select a teacher to read his bio, and then below you can see all the videos from that teacher. So if you find one that you like especially, it’s easy to focus on those videos.

Music Muse

And I will say that there are a variety of both musical styles and teaching styles, though it is all pretty high-quality. They are just approaching the drums from different perspectives and having more than one teacher is to be recommended whether you study online or offline.


Music Muse

In the tools and resources department, there is nothing out of the ordinary here, nor does there need to be. The website layout and navigation is clean and logical. There are several different navigation options so that you can sort and filter the videos based on the instructor or genre or ability level. Everything works properly.

The lessons include downloadable sheet music, though it is often formatted as a JPEG instead of the more logical PDF. This was probably done to give you smaller file sizes, but you might have to adjust your print settings to get the proper quality if you decide to print it out. Not a big issue, but I thought I would mention it.

One very nice feature is that they have divided each full lesson into chapters so that you can quickly skip to the particular pattern or explanation that you want to review. You can also mark the lesson as “completed” to track your progress, save your notes, and leave comments for discussing with other students. Most of the discussion, however, will happen separately in the forums, which are used both for musical questions and website support.

Is Music Muse for You?

There are a few different factors that we could discuss, but aside from price, the main question is whether you prefer longer lessons with the option of live Q&A from Drumeo, or the concise and “chapterized” lessons of Music Muse. Both formats have their place and I suggest you check out the sample videos included in each of my reviews to see which suits you best.

If you are comparing Music Muse against Drumming System, then the main factor becomes cost per lesson and number of instructors. Drumming System currently offers a better cost per lesson/hour, but Music Muse will continue adding more videos in the future. At the same time, the entire Drumming System is taught by the singular Mike Michalkow, and while he is quite good, it is nice to have more than one instructor.

So to answer the question — Is Music Muse for You? — I would encourage you to have a look at the full comparison table, read my reviews for each of these top 3 products, and then choose based on your own needs and preferences.

Either way, it doesn’t hurt to check out their free lesson library to check them out for yourself.

Conclusion to my Music Muse Review

I hope you enjoyed my review of Music Muse and that you now have a better idea of whether it’s right for you.