So, you’ve figured out that online and DVD lessons are much cheaper than private lessons, eh?

Well now that you and I are on the same page, let me give you the pros and cons of each format and then I’ll recommend the best option for both.

Online Drum Lessons

With online lessons you get maximum flexibility and the least expensive lessons. As long as you practice regularly and put the lesson material to use, online lessons are a great value for the price. Of course there is the risk that you get too busy with work or go on vacation and then your lesson subscription isn’t being used during that time. If you know this in advance, I recommend that you suspend your subscription for a month or two and then dive back in when you have the time to devote to drumming.

Two of the online products above, Drumming System and Begin Drumming offer lifetime access to their online drum lessons. Drumeo uses a subscription model which will makes the price much easier to fit into your budget, though it will be more expensive after several months. Despite this somewhat higher price, it still holds true that you get what you pay for. Drumeo has a huge archive of around 200 lessons taught by 16 instructors covering all musical styles and ability levels. The hour-long lessons are available in both standard definition and HD video on your computer or mobile device and include the sheet music for everything. And they stream 5 new lessons each week where you can ask questions to the instructor during the live session. If you decide to go with online drum lessons, definitely check out my full review of Drumeo.

DVD Drum Lessons

While DVDs might seem slightly outdated in the digital age, they are still great to have as a lesson resource, especially if you don’t get to practice every day. If you find that you can only sit down a couple times per week to practice, that’s fine because these lessons aren’t going anywhere and they’re not going to cost you any more money. They are yours to keep and learn from for the rest of your life. That being said, they are physical products that could be damaged or lost, so it would be wise to back them up on your computer just to be safe.

There are two main DVD drum lesson options out there, Drumming System and Learn & Master Drums. I’ve made it easy for you to compare them in the table above, but I do want to emphasize that while the Drumming System DVDs are twice the price of Learn & Master Drums, the quality and range of lessons more than makes up for it. The lessons are more concise, cover a wider range of topics, and include much more material at the intermediate and advanced levels. So if you are looking for DVD lessons that you can learn from for the next several years, go with Drumming System.

To sweeten the deal, if you decide to purchase the Drumming System DVDs, they will also include online access to that same material. Or if you want lifetime access, but don’t care about having the physical DVDs, you can choose online-only access for $100 off. When you throw that into the mix, unless you want physical DVDs, it’s just a question of Drumming System vs. Drumeo. Do you want lifetime access to a fixed set of videos or a subscription to live, interactive lessons and a huge archive?

I hope that clarifies the trade-offs and how your options compare. If you’re still not sure, click on any of the links above to read my full reviews or ask a question in the comments below.