There are dozens of French language learning products available online, but it can be difficult to navigate all the marketing hype. I’ve studied French for 7 years, spent 1 year living in France, and have used all of the major language learning systems. My goal is to help you pick the best lessons for you with detailed and unbiased reviews.

Ready to get started? Compare the most popular French lessons side-by-side in the table below:

French Lessons Rosetta Stone Rocket French Pimsleur
Logo Rosetta Stone Review Rocket French Review Pimsleur French Review

Using a weighted rating algorithm based on 31 different criteria, this is the rating for the program as a whole.

Rating: 93.7%
Rating: 92.8%
Rating: 80.9%
Best For

Every product has it's strengths. Choose a product whose strengths match your priorities.

Fun picture
based learning
Grammar & Price Learning on the go
Lesson Format

How is the material accessed: Mac/PC, online, and/or mobile.

Desktop Software,
Online & Mobile
Online, MP3, Mac/PC Audio & Flash Cards

iOS & Android MP3 MP3
Full Review

This table compares the top 5 French lessons. Click Read Review to learn more about one option.

Read Review Read Review Read Review
Online Access

Is this program available at any time of day?

Live Tutoring

Will I have the opportunity to practice with a native speaker as part of the program?

Vocab Builder

Is there a tool for reviewing vocab outside of the standard lessons?

Learning Games

Are there fun supplemental opportunities to practice the material?


You can use these to check if you really absorbed the content of each lesson.

Track Progress

This will tell you where you are in each lesson and how close you are to completion of the course.


When I finish the program, is there a certificate that I can show to others as proof of my proficiency?


How quickly the product will arrive.

2-10 Days or
Online Access
Instant Online Access 1 - 5 Days

This is the price for the recommended version of the product.

$299 $99 $150
Best Deal

This is the best price for a standard language product from this company.

$145 $99 $150

The number of days of the guarantee period. During this time you can return the product for a full refund if desired.

180 days 60 days 90 Days
Visit Site

The site where you can purchase the recommended version of the product.

After buying and trying all of the major programs I’ve determined that while they are all high-quality, some may be better than others depending on your situation. The suitability of a program is shown through the rankings, whereas the overall rating is derived from a weighted average of 31 factors in the language learning experience.

Language learning is a valuable investment of your time and money, and you deserve to receive the best product for both. Through the comparison table and full reviews on this website, I hope to bring clarity to your search and help you to find the French lessons that best suit your needs.

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