The following articles are all related to learning French and my reviews of the software programs, but the help to put the learning process in context and provide some valuable resources (mostly free) that I don’t mention in the reviews. I encourage you to browse through these and please let me know if you have suggestions for additional topics.

French Course Buying Guide

So you’ve decided to learn French. Or maybe you want to reclaim what you learned in high school and take it on your next trip to France. At any rate, you know that you need some French lessons…[Read More]

Masculine and Feminine in French

We all know that learning the gender of nouns can be challenging. Often, the masculine and feminine in French are counterintuitive given the meaning of the word. But the truth is…[Read More]

My French Experience

My grandmother was Québecoise. My mother speaks French. I speak French. I’ve always had an affinity for French culture, especially the music (and women). Maybe I was a French paysan in a past life…[Read More]

French Vocabulary – General Business

Here is a fairly comprehensive list of general business terms in English and French: account – un compte; accountant – un comptable; accounting, bookkeeping – la comptabilité; acronym – un sigle…[Read More]

French Vocabulary – Finance & Accounting

Here is a list of French technical terms used for finance and accounting: accounting procedures – les méthodes comptables (m); accounts payable – les comptes fournisseurs, comptes dettes (f); accounts receivable – les comptes clients…[Read More]

French Vocabulary – Financial Statements

Here is a list of the standard line items for corporate financial statements in English and French: Annual report – le rapport annuel; bond, debenture – Obligation; Call (option) – Option d’achat; Capital expenditures (CapEx)…[Read More]