Beginner Guitar System Review LogoThe Beginner Guitar System is a DVD & Book course created by Nate Savage (update: it’s also available as a digital course online now).

If you’re like us, and the 1,000’s of other people who have gone to and wondered if it was worth the money, you are probably searching for a real, unbiased Beginner Guitar System review.

We have reviewed and compared all of the most popular guitar lessons online, and with our custom rating algorithm we ranked Beginner Guitar System #4 overall. Check out our full review below to learn more…

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The Beginner Guitar System is a course you can either get as a physical set of DVDs and CDs, or access online. Here’s what it consists of:

  • 6 DVDs (Complete course breakdown in “Lesson Format” section below)
  • 4 CDs to play along with
  • 177 page workbook
  • All of the songs & exercises are fully-notated


Nate Savage of Beginner Guitar SystemNate Savage is a knowledgable instructor, and it’s great to have someone who knows enough to teach, but isn’t so obsessed with theory that it’s impossible to clearly convey the information to beginners.

Have you ever had a teacher that talked right over your head? This form of instruction is terrible for complete beginners, because confusion and frustration are the bane of steady practice and dedication to learning guitar.

This is the primary reason Nate Savage focuses his attention on taking a slow and steady approach throughout the course: to help beginners feel motivated and happy while they’re taking lessons.

He might not be the most experienced of all the instructors we have evaluated, but he makes up for it with passion and the ability to break things down so anyone can understand them, which is crucial for beginners.


Q: How much does the Beginner Guitar System cost?

A: $97.00 + $15 Shipping & Handling for the physical (DVD) course. If you get the online version, there’s no shipping charge.

Q: Do they have a money back guarantee?

A: Yes. Their policy allows you to try the course for 90 days, and return it unharmed in that time if you want your money back.

Q: I am an Intermediate guitarist. Will BGS be good for me?

A: Nope. Don’t take the name “Beginner” Guitar System lightly. It’s great for beginners, but will very likely move too slowly and cover things you already know if you’ve been playing for a year or more.

Q: Should I spend the extra $15 to get the course delivered to my house?

A: We personally prefer taking guitar lessons online, but if you want DVDs, CDs and a workbook, the $15 will be worth it.


Compare the Beginner Guitar System to other popular options side-by-side:

Here are the Top 3 guitar courses we have reviewed:

  • JamPlay – Rating: 98.2% – Price: $14.95/month – Type: Online Membership
  • Guitar Tricks – Rating: 96.8% – Price: $14.95/month – Type: Online Membership
  • Learn and Master Guitar – Rating: 74.2% – Price: $149 + S&H – Type: DVD & Books


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72.3/100 Rating
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71.7/100 Rating
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83.8/100 Rating
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Best Deal

We do not sell guitar lessons; we are a free guitar lessons review service. This link goes to Beginner Guitar System

Full Review

Rating: 72.3/100. Ranked #4 of all the guitar lessons we have reviewed, the Beginner Guitar System is a good deal for complete beginners wanting to lay a solid foundation for learning guitar, for the cost of about 4 private lessons.

– Good price for value
– Nice pace for beginners
– Likable instructor

– Lower production quality than higher-rated lessons
– No tools included (tuner, chord library, learning games, etc.)


Nate Savage of has found a nice gap in the market, focusing on beginners that want a slow-paced, easy-to-follow course that covers the basics, without spending too much money.

The course is appropriately priced at $97, about as much as you’d pay for 4 half-hour lessons with a private tutor, and comes with over 20 hours of DVD lessons.

Read on to see the complete lesson breakdown below…

Lesson Format

Because the full course format is not listed online, we decided to type out a breakdown of the entire 6-DVD set here for you so you can see if it has what you’re looking for.

DVD 1: “Getting Started

The Basics:

1. What Gear You Will Need
2. Holding the Guitar
3. Changing Your Strings
4. Tuning Your Guitar
5. Working Your Electric Guitar
6. Working Your Amp
7. Working Your Pedals

Playing Your First Notes:

1. Finger Numbers & String Names
2. A2 Chord
3. D2 Chord
4. A2 D2 Progression & Exercises
5. A2 D2 Groove
6. Simple Melodies Over a Groove

DVD 2: “Single Notes and Chords

1. How to Read Guitar Tabs
2. Reading Chord Diagrams
3. Playing Single Notes
4. Playing Chords
5. Essential Chords
6. Right Hand Techniques

DVD 3: “Scales & Lead Techniques

1. Minor Pentatonic Scale
2. Blues Scale
3. Major Scale
4. Major Pentatonic Scale
5. Scale Movability
6. Bending
7. Legato
8. Vibrato

DVD 3: “Chart Reading & Theory

1. Reading Rhythms
2. Reading Notation
3. Chord Charts
4. Theory – Major Scales
5. Theory – Chords

DVD 3: “Guitar Play-Alongs #1

1. Blues
2. Pop
3. Slow Rock
4. Fast Rock
5. Country

DVD 3: “Guitar Play-Alongs #2

1. Metal
2. Reggae
3. Funk
4. Amazing Grace
5. Punk Rock

There is a good amount of content included here for sure. We felt that it jumped around a bit at times (Lead Techniques before Chord Charts?), but overall we liked the format and style.

Is Beginner Guitar System for You?

If you are in the following group of guitarists, Beginner Guitar System is a good choice:

  • Complete beginner
  • Looking to learn the fundamentals
  • Would rather spend $97 once, rather than $15-$20/month
  • Prefer DVDs, CDs and a Workbook to online lessons
  • Like slow-paced teaching that’s easy to follow
  • Don’t mind getting a small taste of many topics (instead of learning a lot about a few)

If that description doesn’t fit your situation, we recommend checking out our side-by-side comparison of the top 5 lessons.

We hope you enjoyed our Beginner Guitar System review. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments below, and have fun learning guitar!