If you have been playing guitar for years, you’ll find the same thing we’ve found online:

There are tons of options for guitar lessons online, but very few of them are worth your time or money. If you can avoid the scams though, you’ll find great lessons and supportive communities that will really help!

On the plus side, the good guys really are in it to help you learn guitar, and if you take the time to find the best lessons for your goals and learning style, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, you’ll probably learn more efficiently and for less money than you would with a private instructor.

If you are just getting started with guitar, it can be overwhelming choosing guitar lessons, because there are just so many choices, and they all claim to be the best.

Well, we’re hoping this guitar lessons buying guide will make the whole process easier on you…

5 Red Flags of a Guitar Lessons Scam

We have been playing guitar for a combined 24 years, so we’ve seen our fair share of scams come and go. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of terrible courses being sold, so these are the 5 things you want to avoid when searching for the right lessons:

  1. Long sales pages on simple white backgrounds with big red headlines and even bigger claims
  2. Courses with a no-name instructor that doesn’t explain his/her credentials anywhere on the site
  3. Sites with little to no contact information (If you can’t email and/or call them, don’t bother paying)
  4. Courses that claim to teach you more than one instrument
  5. Lessons that never change (they don’t add more or provide awesome support)

If you can avoid those 5 common signs of a scam, you should be fine.

But you don’t just want fine, you want the best, right? Good.

Now let’s get to the good stuff…

5 Signs of Awesome Guitar Lessons

Now that you know what not to look for, let’s focus on the good side. Here are some common signs that the guitar lessons you’re considering are worth the money:

  1. There are multiple instructors (or one with great credentials and a complete about page)
  2. The website is well-designed, professional and easy to use
  3. No outrageous claims are made (e.g. “Master the Neck in 48 Hours!”)
  4. Support is solid (clear contact form, phone number and FAQ section)
  5. Tons of lessons for the price (see cost/lesson in our comparison tables)

Based on these criteria, we categorized dozens of guitar courses and online lessons, and created a rating algorithm to rate them all.

Then, we started buying and testing all of the ones that seemed good so we could review and compare them.

Check out our in-depth guitar lesson reviews section to compare the most popular lessons side-by-side.

Tired of looking around? Feel free to go straight to our review of the #1 rated guitar lessons on the Internet.