Taking country guitar lessonsY'all wanna learn some country guitar? Country music originated in the late 1920s and is still one of the most popular genres. If you want to learn finger picking and a bit of the blues, then country guitar lessons are a perfect fit.

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Country Guitar Lessons

Country is an American musical style that began in rural Southern United States in the 1920s, and continues to be one of the more popular genres in the States today. Country has roots in Western cowboy and southeaster folk music, traditionally consisting of ballads and dance tunes with simple forms and harmonies accompanied by string instruments like acoustic and electric guitar, banjoes and fiddles.

Country music is a special genre in the point of view of being an early 20th century creation that is still extremely popular today. While the genre has changed a little in the 21st century, becoming more pop orientated, it is still fairly true to its roots.

History of Country

The mass immigration of former residents of European countries like Scotland and Ireland to the United States, namely the Appalachian Mountains, also brought with them musical influences from the homeland. Bluegrass and folk music evolved into two early forms of American music, both later contributing to the birth of country music.

In the 1920s, the city of Atlanta played a pivotal role in the birth of country. Shortly thereafter, musicians like Cliff Carlisle, Don Richardson, Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family all became popular country artists, legends by today’s standards.

Why Country Guitar Lessons?

A lot of country’s biggest stars not only sing but play the guitar. Therefore, the genre is pretty popular among artists that not only want to shine on guitar but also sing.

Country music is ballad orientated, making it a wonderful style of music for singer-songwriters. It is certainly not the most complicated genre, especially when it comes to playing guitar, but when you add in the ability to play guitar and sing you have the opportunity to become a celebrated, larger-than-life country figure.

Playing country guitar is usually fairly straightforward with the accompaniment generally taking a backseat to the singer. Consequently, it is not a difficult type of music to learn and unlike other genres; it is supportive to both the acoustic and electric guitar.

Style of Country Music

Country music features a distinct “twang” that makes the genre revered. The subject matter in songs is sometimes depressing and moody, with love and breakups being popular topics Early honky tonk tunes were fairly basic in structure and sound, though modern country has developed an acceptance to other influences including rock.

Playing guitar on country songs is not extremely complex. Guitar solos are usually kept to a minimum, and the guitar (whether acoustic or electric) plays a supporting role to the vocals. Country guitar lessons are fun and easy to play, good for beginners that would like to get a few tracks under their belt. You can learn many popular tunes by playing a few simple chords!

Famous Country Artists

For a lesson on legendary country artists listen to the work of Jimmie Rodgers, Roy Acuff, Patsy Montana, Hank Williams and Patsy Cline.

Get a fix of modern country with the likes of George Jones, Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, Faith Hill and Willie Nelson.

Types of Country Guitar Lessons

Country guitar lessons are available in a number of different formats. Top rated guitar lessons, such as some of the ones found on the Internet, feature a variety of video lessons broken down by genre, including country.

Country guitar lessons will focus a lot on picking styles and techniques like “double stops” which will help you master the sound. Country music is historically important, popular today, and a great type of music to learn for beginners.


Overall, the top-rated online lessons are over at JamPlay.com. They have over 30 country lesson videos, and are always adding more.

They also have over 50 Bluegrass videos and 300+ Blues lessons, which fit in nicely with the Country sessions.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, Guitar Tricks has a similar setup for $5 cheaper, and offers a 14-day free trial. Both sites have enough country lessons to keep you busy for quite a while. Have fun!