DVD Guitar LessonsLearning guitar from home can save tons of time and money compared to private lessons, so naturally DVD guitar lessons are extremely popular.

If you're in search of the best DVD guitar lessons out there, we've done the hard work for you by testing and rating them all. The table below compares the top DVD lessons side-by-side:

Guitar Lessons Learn and
Master Guitar
Blues Learning
Guitar System
Logo Learn & Master Guitar Review Blues System Review Guitar System Review

Our custom rating considers all of the guitar lessons' features, tools, quality, support, and personal & user reviews to save you time!

Rating: 82.1%
Rating: 80.6%
Rating: 72.3%
Lesson Format

Since guitar lessons are offered in many different formats, we classify each one we review to distinguish between them quickly (online lessons are our favorite).

20 DVDs, 5 CDs,
Book & Forum
DVDs, Workbook
CDs & Online
DVDs & Book
or Online
Video Quality

If these lessons offer video instruction (and we hope they do), this gives an idea of how well-filmed the videos are.

Very High Very High High
Total Lessons

The number of lessons offered by this community/instructor (and the total lesson time if available).

40 Lessons
20-30 Hours
562 Lessons
5,000+ Online
42 Lessons
20+ Hours

One benefit of Online and DVD lessons is the ability to learn from multiple instructors with different backgrounds, genres and skills.

1 Teacher 3 Teachers 1 Teacher
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Does this product/service offer beginner guitar lessons? This is the most common level, crucial for getting started at any age.


Do they also have lessons beyond the beginner level? Once you've mastered the basics, you'll want intermediate lessons.


Some teachers even have lessons designed for advanced players that have moved through beginner and intermediate lessons.

Song Lessons

Want to learn popular songs on the guitar? Some instructors work hard to get license deals to teach you specific songs step-by-step.

Live Lessons

The most efficient way to learn guitar is in-person live lessons. Some premium services offer live lessons through webcam & chat.


Will buying these lessons give you access to a free guitar tuner?

Chord Library

Chords are the building blocks of all guitar playing. Having a chord library where you can easily look up specific chords is essential.

Scale Library

Scales are great exercises and can expand your soloing horizons. Scale libraries organize them by key and style to save you time.


Forums are a great resource to get answers to your questions from instructors and other students quickly and easily.

Live Chat

Though getting answers on a forum can be really helpful, sometimes you need an answer in real-time, so chat is even better.


Delivery refers to how you will receive your guitar lessons and how long it will take to get access and start learning guitar.

3-14 Days 5-7 Days Shipped
& Online Access
5-7 Days or

The current price of guitar lessons (not including any coupon codes, trials or discounts we find for you.)

$149 + S&H $149 + S&H $97 + S&H

Price divided by total lessons. Note: For online lessons, we use the annual membership price.

$4.06 / Lesson $0.27 per lesson $2.31 / Lesson
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+ S&H
$100 Off Sale $57.00
Digital Only

The guarantee tells you how long you can try these guitar lessons and get a full refund of your money if it doesn't work out.

60-Day, 100%
Money Back
60-Day, 100%
Money Back
90-Day, 100%
Money Back
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DVD Guitar Lessons

It really is incredible what a decade or two can do to education. In the past, aspiring guitarists were rather limited to how they could learn the guitar. The informal, best option was to learn through trial and error, by listening to music and trying to catch on to what the pros were doing. The formal, “right” way to learn guitar was to take up private lessons with an instructor at the local music store or school.

Unfortunately, private lessons were (and still are) pricey as well as time consuming and dictated based on the availability of the instructor. Not everyone had the money or time for private lessons.

That has all changed with DVD guitar lessons.

DVD guitar lessons enable you to learn from an expert (many of them are industry-leading, even professional musicians) from the own comfort of your home, for a fraction of what the same material may cost if you were to take private lessons.

DVD guitar lessons are often, but not always, supplemented by other material like a book, CD, or even access to a website with more resources and opportunities to pose questions. It is a really informative way to learn guitar because you get the same information as what a book may provide, yet you also get to hear and see the technique in action.

Creative people are often “visual” learners, which makes DVD guitar lessons perfect for beginner guitarists.

What are the advantages?

Learning guitar via DVD clearly gives you an advantage over trying to learn the guitar alone. The problem with self-learning is few people have the discipline, attention span, and desire to make it work. Sure, you may pick up on a few things on YouTube, but after a few months you’re likely going to struggle to find ways to challenge yourself and once that is gone learning guitar becomes boring.

What’s really great about DVD lessons is that they are structured like something you would get from a private lesson. Additionally, the individuals teaching on guitar DVDs are experts with years of experience, many of which are private lesson instructors.

Therefore, you get the same structure as a private lesson from knowledgeable people, but your schedule does not have to conform to their schedule. You decide when and where you want to practice, and, unlike real life, you can always rewind and revisit a chapter on the DVD to really nail down the material.

Lastly, DVD guitar lessons usually cost a fraction of what the same material would cost in a private lesson. Plus, if you want to focus on a particular style or genre of music, DVDs offer more niche topics than what your instructor is going to be able/willing to provide.

In the end, DVD guitar lessons are convenient and more affordable.

What are the disadvantages?

The major knock on DVDs is that you cannot get immediate feedback while you learn. It’s not like you can exactly pause the DVD and ask the instructor a question that might arise. Thankfully, a lot of the top rated guitar lesson DVDs provides additional resources, even websites or forums where you can go to ask questions as you move along.

You’ll also want to make sure you take great care of the DVD, because if the actual disc becomes lost or damage you will need to spend extra money to replace it.

Types of DVD Lessons

The most popular form is aimed at the beginner guitarist with an overview of everything you need to get started. It should include everything from basic maintenance of the actual instrument (keeping it clean, changing strings, etc) to fundamentals (proper stance, beginner chords, scales, etc) to guitar techniques (hammer-ons, pull-offs, picking techniques, etc).

If you are past that point, intermediate and advanced DVD lessons are also available, as are guitar lessons that cater to a particular style or genre.

Best Guitar DVD Lessons

There are many exceptional DVDs available, though some of the most highly regarded include Learn & Master Guitar and Beginner Guitar System.

Check out the table above to compare them side-by-side. After trying them both, and running them through our unbiased rating algorithm, we found Learn and Master Guitar to be the best DVD guitar lessons.