Jamorama Review ScreenshotWith all the hype floating around online and Jamorama reviews, we decided to buy this course to see how it stacks up to all the other courses and online guitar lessons we’ve tried and rated.

After signing up, we found Jamorama to be less impressive than some of the reviews we read before buying, but it’s certainly not the scam we suspected it might be (there is real content that will help you learn guitar). At $10/month, this is the most affordable online membership site.

Read our full Jamorama review below to learn more and decide if it’s right for you.


If you decide to buy Jamorama, this is what you’ll get:

  • 9 hours of Video Lessons
  • 216 Chord Shape demo videos
  • 148 Progression demo videos
  • Acoustic Guitar Lesson series
  • Lead Guitar Lesson series
  • Tuning Guide
  • Software & Games: Listening, Music Reading, Tuner & Metronome

Note: There is a good amount of content included for the price since you can go through the course in a relatively short time, but don’t believe it when you hear it has “Advanced” lessons.

The goal with the course is NOT to dive deep into specific topics, but it does do a good job of explaining the fundamentals to beginners.

There’s simply too much material to cover if you want to progress past the basics, so don’t be tempted into thinking you’ll be able to sign up for a month or two and learn everything you need. In general, online learning communities are our favorite option, but there are better options.


InstructorsMark McKenzie, or “Mark the Guitar Guy”, is a cool teacher with an awesome accent. 🙂

The majority of the main course is taught by Mark in the new videos they’ve added to the online members area (it used to be mostly PDF files, so this is a great change).

Jon has over 10 years experience playing guitar, and has been teaching since 2003.


Q: How much does Jamorama cost?

A: $10/month or $60/year

Q: Is there a recommended minimum age?

A: The guys at Jamorama say they recommend the person learning guitar be at least 8 years old.

Q: What if I’m a total beginner?

A: This course is designed specifically for beginners, so it focuses on the basics.

Q: Can I get a refund if it sucks?

A: Yep! If you don’t like it, ask for a refund within 60 days and you’ll get all of your money back.

Q: What will I need to access the course?

A: An Internet connection (to access the members/download area), a PDF reader & video player (most likely came with your computer).

Q: Is it worth the money if I’ve already learned the basics?

A: No. Unless you feel like you missed a lot and want to fill in some voids with the absolute fundamentals, Jamorama will probably not be your best bet.

That said, you do get a good amount of content, we just prefer the 4,000+ high-quality video lessons for the same price at JamPlay.


Compare Jamorama side-by-side to other popular guitar lessons:

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Best Deal

We do not sell guitar lessons; we are a free guitar lessons review service. This link goes to Jamorama

Full Review

Rating: 72.6/100. Jamorama is a digital course (Videos, PDF eBooks and Software) that offers a good amount of content, especially for beginners, and at $10/month this is the cheapest of the online guitar lessons we’ve reviewed.

– Instant delivery (digital)
– Explains the basics well
– Software games are a nice touch
– Mobile friendly website
– New lessons added each month

– Very little content compared to other sites
– Chord Book is difficult to navigate


Since we learned most of what we know about guitar by reading tabs, we were pumped to see so many options for guitar lessons spring up online in the last 5 years or so.

A few major styles have evolved in the guitar lesson market:
1. DVD Courses – DVD courses w/ CDs and Books
2. Downloadable – eBooks, software, videos & MP3 files
3. Online Communities – Video streaming, forums, web-based tools, and live webcam lessons

In our tests, we have noticed something interesting happening: the downloadable courses tend to be completely static (meaning the creators don’t update them over time).

Luckily, Jamorama wised up and started offering online lessons so they can continue adding new content monthly.

This is a major benefit to online lessons over the courses we’ve purchased (DVD & Downloadable alike), because it’s easy for the instructor(s) to constantly add to and improve their community.

They used to have a ton of random PDFs and MP3 files, but now they’re gradually adding this content to the Web, which is great to see.

Alright, let’s jump into the Jamorama lessons format…

Lesson Format

1. Video Lessons: 9 hours of bite-sized videos covering chords, progressions, maintenance, and more.

2. Tuning Guide: 10 page PDF

3. Chord Kit: 76 page PDF and software (PC & Mac)

4. Software: Chords, Metronome, Ear Training, Sight Reading, and Tuner

The Jamorama classic course’s format was disorganized and spread across a bunch of PDF files, but the new members area is much better organized than the original course.

Unfortunately, at this point the content comes to a total of 9 hours, but they seem to be committed to the online format, so I’m sure they’ll continue moving everything over to the Web as time goes on.

Is Jamorama for You?

If you are a complete beginner and eager to learn as much as you can in a few months, you could absorb quite a bit of content as a foundation to your learning for a fair price.

All things considered, Jamorama is improving quite a bit and the quality is high, but it will take time for them to build a library comparable to some of the bigger sites.

Check out our comparison of the top online guitar lessons to see them side-by-side.