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Metal Guitar Lessons

Heavy metal (simply referred to as “metal”) developed in the late-1960s and early-70s under iconic bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple all of which also operated under the term “hard rock”. Its early sound borrowed heavily off blues rock and psychedelic rock with a thick, massive sound characterized by amplified distortion, extended guitar solos, and, an overall passion for extreme loudness.

Early metal bands were brash, bold, and extremely inventive. Critics (with the exception of Led Zeppelin) were quick to bash early metal bands for their excessiveness, though the genre quickly found a home with rebellious youth looking for a type of music they could associate with. Consequently, terms like “metalheads” and “headbangers” were created to define metal fans.

History of Heavy Metal

Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath pioneered metal with a signature style that continues to influence popular bands today. Their music was aggressive and live act wild, with dominant personalities that are now celebrated as rock legends.

While much of its earlier sound can be attributed to these bands, metal really took off in the mid-1970s with Judas Priest. Judas Priest ditched many of early-metal’s blues influences and helped evolve metal into the style it is today.

Motorhead and Iron Madien were equally influential, leading up to the “glam metal” phase of the 1980s were bands like Motley Crue and Poison dominated. The counter-culture movement to glam metal took place in the underground, and took the genre in a new direction in the 90s where Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax all received mainstream attention.

In the last couple decades, metal has become highly structured with several sub-genres including: death metal, black metal, nu metal, hardcore, screamo and metalcore.

Why Metal Guitar Lessons?

A lot of beginners take up the guitar at an early age, whether its teenage adolescence or in college during their 20s. Metal, unlike some other genres, has a very distinct audience. Sure, you might find a dude in their 50s with a Metallica t-shirt, but the vast majority of metalheads are much younger.

Metal, therefore, is a style for the youth. It’s incredible loud, something that the young generations have absolutely no problem with. Metal is also a phenomenal genre for guitarists because so much of the sound is dependent on the instrument.

Metal guitar lessons teach you the importance of distortion, the ultimate trademark of heavy metal. Metal guitar lessons also enable you to shine with extended guitar solos, another fundamental of great heavy metal.

Style of Metal

As previously mentioned, heavy metal has several distinct characteristics including: loud guitars, distortion, hard hitting rhythms, dense bass-and-drums and vigorous vocals. New York Times critic Jon Pareles accurately explains the style of metal by writing, “In the taxonomy of popular music, heavy metal is a major subspecies of hard-rock – the breed with less syncopation, less blues, more showmanship and more brute force.”

Metal bands traditionally have more than one guitarist, with one taking up the role of lead guitar while the other guitarist(s) play rhythm guitar. Regardless, the electric guitar is the key instrument in heavy metal, making your role as lead/rhythm guitar is important.

Speed picking and extended soloing are two techniques you’ll want to master. Distortion is created through a number of different effect pedals and other devices as well as your amp. Extending soloing and metal picking styles, meanwhile, are advanced techniques that will come with practice.

The Major and Minor Pentatonic scales are very popular in metal, and two modes you should learn if you plan to play a lot of music in this genre.

The bass and drums also play an important role in metal, as does the singer with his or her delivery often defining what type of metal the band is playing. The subject matter of songs is often dark, with notoriously misogynic lyrics.

Famous Metal Guitarists

Heavy metal is home to some of the greatest guitar solos ever recorded. Consequently, many metal guitarists are famous for their fast, eccentric style. Famous metal guitarists include: Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple), Tommy Iommi (Black Sabbath), Glen Tipton (Judas Priest), Dave Murray (Iron Maiden), Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen) and James Hatfield (Metallica). 

Types of Metal Guitar Lessons

Metal guitar lessons are available in book, CD, and DVD format. The website GuitarMetal.com is a terrific, all-around guide to playing metal. Metal guitar lessons will teach you everything from types of tuning found in metal to scales used extensively in the genre to advanced techniques.