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Rating: 97.4/100. We’re hard to please when it comes to bass guitar lessons, but JamPlay Bass has very little to complain about. Of all the courses and online communities we’ve tried, JamPlay definitely gets our #1 rating.

– 180+ video lessons
– 24/7 Online Access
– 11 Professional Instructors
– Great supplemental learning tools
– Active community forum
– New lessons added weekly
– Video looping and bookmarks
– Well organized lesson library
– Tuner, metronome, scale library
– Learning games and progress reports

– Lesson access only with subscription
– Song lessons library is small so far (added regularly though)
– Computer and Internet connection required*

*Note: A lot of people have asked about taking lessons on their computer. It’s easy to use the TV with your computer over WiFi or a cheap cable and take lessons from the couch too, so that’s something to keep in mind.

JamPlay Bass History

Back in 2006, a few guys got together and decided to create a community for online guitar lessons.

They’ve since had 300,000 guitarists sign up and were getting requests in the forums for bass lessons too.

So, in 2012 they launched a bass guitar section of the members-area and have been expanding it ever since.

Lesson Format

To make things easier and keep 100’s of lessons organized, they break it all down into three phases:

1. Beginners
2. Genres & Skills
3. Song Lessons

The Beginners phase is separated into series taught by different instructors so you can learn from different perspectives and through different play styles.

Genres & Skills has an emphasis on the Skills portion, covering topics like Theory, Improvisation, Ear Training and Bass Guitar Maintenance.

The Song Lessons section is also new, so the library of songs is small at this point. That said, I’ve been a member of JamPlay for almost 5 years now, and I’ve seen the song lessons for guitar grow immensely in that time, so I’m sure they’ll keep licensing more songs.


Another feature included with a membership is a custom-made tool set for guitarists. Of all the web-based lessons we’ve tested, the majority at least have basic tuners, metronomes, and chord charts. Here are the tools JamPlay offers:

Video Review of JamPlay Bass

Screenshots not doing it for you?

See inside the members-only area without having to pay in our detailed video review at the top of this page.

Is it for you?

After buying multiple lessons and courses online, and taking private lessons, I can confidently recommend it as a good alternative to more expensive in-person lessons, especially because of how much more content and learning you get for the investment (keeping in mind that $20 might get you a half-hour session, one hour if you’re lucky, and your local teacher is probably not touring the country and selling produced albums all over the world).

To save some cash, here’s the link to get 25% off your 1st month automatically.

We hope you enjoyed our detailed JamPlay Bass review, and that it helped you figure out if it’s right for you.

Have fun learning bass guitar!