Brett Manning's Singing Success ScreenshotWondering if Brett Manning’s Singing Success course is worth the money?

We have purchased and tested all of the most popular singing lessons online, including Singing Success, so we made this page to help you decide if it’s the best course for your singing goals.

After trying many popular courses, we can see why people claim Singing Success is the best. It’s not perfect, but hopefully our in-depth review and pros & cons list will shed some light on the course for you.

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Here are the features included with Singing Success:

  • 12 CDS (or downloaded audio files) containing 331 voice lessons
  • Studio Training DVD (Videos of more intermediate to advanced concepts)
  • Workbook (12 pages to supplement audio sessions)
  • “Vocal Tip of the Week” newsletter
  • Online Forum access for support and guidance from instructors and other singers
  • Free report: “The 9 Biggest Lies About Singing”
  • Lessons taught by accomplished singer with a 5-octave range (Brett Manning)
  • Support by email, forum, phone and live chat


Brett ManningBrett Manning is the core instructor for the Singing Success program. He has a 5-octave vocal range (most people can only sing in a 2-3 octave range), so he is legitimately qualified to be teaching others to improve their singing.

He has taught grammy award-winning artists like Keith Urban, Haley Williams, Jeremy Lister (finalist on NBC’s “The Sing Off” competition), Taylor Swift, and tons more.

So why did me make a course if he can charge big bucks giving private voice lessons?

Because putting everything together in an audio & video course allows him to help a lot more people improve their voices without having to spend time instructing each singer in person (and he can make more money while charging way less to his students).

After trying all the most popular singing courses offered online, we found Brett Manning and his crew of talented singers to be a fun group to watch and learn from.


Q: How much does the course cost?

A: $199.95 for 331 total lessons (instead of $25-$50+ per hour, $200+/month, for private lessons).

Q: What’s the refund policy? Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes. If you decide it’s not for you in the first 6 months, contact support for a full refund.

Q: Is Singing Success really as good as private voice lessons?

A: There’s nothing quite like learning from an expert in person, but there’s also something very powerful about learning from a structured course made by an instructor with a 5-octave range that you can rewind until you master each concept. They both have their pros and cons, but overall we feel it’s a good investment compared to expensive private lessons.

Q: How many lessons come with the course?

A: There are 331 lessons in total, plus the weekly Vocal Tips newsletter.

Q: What are the system requirements for taking the course?

A: For the physically shipped course, you’ll need something to play CDs and the DVD. For the digital version, anything that plays audio and video files (and a PDF reader) will do the trick.

Q: How much time does this course require?

A: One of our favorite parts about the format of this course is that sessions are broken into very short files (typically 2-10 minutes each). It’s easy to spend 15 minutes and learn something new.

Q: Can I get answers to my questions?

A: You can get support by email, forum, phone and live chat, so you’ll get your questions answered.


Here is a breakdown of the other popular courses we have reviewed for comparison:

  1. Singing Success – Rating: 96.4% – Price: $199.95 – Type: Audio, Video, Book & Forum
  2. Sing with Freedom – Rating: 90.2% – Price: $147 – Type: DVD & Books or Online
  3. Singorama – Rating: 82.4% – Price: $99.95 – Type: Audio, eBooks & Software
  4. Vocal Release – Rating: 73.5% – Price: $97 – Type: Audio & eBook


Singing Lessons
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96.4/100 Rating
Rating: 96.4%

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$199.95 + S&H

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Do they also have lessons beyond the beginner level? Once you've mastered the basics, you'll want intermediate lessons.


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331 Lessons
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99.1/100 Rating
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96.4/100 Rating
Value for Price: 96.4%
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93.5/100 Rating
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99.3/100 Rating
Support: 99.3%

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95.7/100 Rating
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Online lessons will sometimes give the option to download supplemental material for later.

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Full Review

Rating: 96.4/100. Our #1 rated course overall, Singing Success is a well-organized, primarily audio course by a renowned 5-octave vocal coach to grammy-winning artists, and is a solid investment to improve your singing.

– Instructor: Brett teaches grammy winners
– Convenience: Digital download or CDs
– Structure: Short, easy-to-follow lessons
– Content: Good mix of theory & practical advice
– Quality: Audio and Video are well-produced
– Guarantee: 6-month, 100% money back guarantee
– Tempo: Course keeps a good pace for all levels
– Style: Covers wide variety of genres and techniques

– Mostly audio lessons (12 CDs and 1 DVD)
– Fairly expensive (though cheaper than private lessons)
– Really advanced material is sold separately
– No songs taught (no courses we’ve bought do)

Course Format

The Singing Success program consists of 12 audio portions (CDs or MP3 downloads), 1 video portion (DVD or MP4 downloads), and a workbook.

There are 34 sessions that make up the course, covering a wide variety of content, ranging from music theory related to singing to vocal warmup exercises, to specific techniques to improve your voice.

In total, there are 331 concise, easy-to-digest lessons (302 audio and 29 video).

Some lessons are as short as 30 seconds, others are 10 minutes. This makes the program easy to process for singers at any skill level, and helps to keep you motivated to keep going (the hardest part is getting started, but that’s easier knowing the lessons are so concise with no fluff).

Here’s an outline of the entire course:

CD 1: Intro, demos, how the voice works, terminology, goals, top 10 difficulties in singing (34 lessons)

CD 2: Trills, licks and runs, bends, falsetto, styles: classical, pop, country, jazz, gospel, blues, etc. (17 lessons)

CD 3: Objectives, exercises: humming, lip rolls, tongue trill, nay nay nay octave scale (18 lessons)

CD 4: Humming on 5 tone scale, lip roll on octave scale, tongue trills, etc. (19 lessons)

CD 5: Long scale trills and lip rolls, demos, and applications in song (25 lessons)

CD 6: Focused on intermediate techniques for long scale and sustained notes (25 lessons)

CD 7: Mixed octave trills, 3-octave scale exercises, and sustained note practice (24 lessons)

CD 8: More advanced humming, lip rolls and vowel sound exercises (14 lessons)

CD 9: Triplets, note bends, rapid variations, and scales with faster drum beats (54 lessons)

CD 10: More style work, focused on add-on licks, increasing tempo and modifications (40 lessons)

CD 11: Genre demos and exercises, practice with demos and progressions (22 lessons)

CD 12: Full demo songs to bring it all together (10 lessons)

Video: The Science of Singing

Videos: 4 Vocal Tips with Brett Manning

Videos: 4 Vocal Tips with Chris Keller

Videos: 4 Vocal Tips with Jesse Nemitz

Videos: 4 Vocal Tips with Shelby Rollins

Videos: 12 Video lessons covering concepts like “Getting rid of outer tension”, “Developing a style”, “Power of dynamics”, “Distinctive sound”, and “Chest voice and vibrato”

This course structure is well-organized and logical, which makes it easier to follow for beginner and intermediate singers.

The flow of exercises feels familiar after the first couple CDs, and it seems like Brett designed the whole thing so you could do it over and over until you master each exercise.

Is Brett Manning’s “Singing Success” for You?

After trying all the most popular singing lessons online, here’s who we would recommend this course to:

  • Serious about improving their singing
  • Likes audio instruction (with some video)
  • Prefers practical exercises, but still appreciates theory
  • Would rather learn at their own pace, with repeatable lessons
  • Willing to invest $199 (but wants to save money compared to private instruction)

If you or the person you’re buying lessons for fit into this group, Singing Success is our top-rated program.

Conclusion to our Singing Success Review

We hope our Singing Success review helped you decide if it’s right for you.