Looking into singing lessons? This buying guide has been written over time, based on our experience from buying all the major singing lessons available online, and its purpose is to help you choose the best lessons for your goals and budget.

Let’s go through the first part…


Whenever you start something new, like learning to sing, it’s crucial to figure out WHY you’re doing it.

What are your goals with singing? Do you just want to be more confident singing in front of friends & family, or even just in the car? Do you want to sing in a band or professionally? Maybe your goal is to get on a competition show like “American Idol” or “The Voice”.

No matter how far you want to take your voice (or you want your voice to take you), the most important step to getting started and choosing the best lessons for you is to clearly define your goals.

When we set goals (or New Year’s resolutions), we have the tendency to set a goal like “Be a better singer”.

That’s all well and good, but it’s too hard to measure, so it’s almost impossible to track your progress on your way to the goal.

Personal development experts recommend using the SMART goal system:

  • Specific – Think who, what, where, when and why. Example: “Increase my range to 4 octaves by Dec. 31st.”
  • Measurable – Make sure you can answer the question “How much?” or “How many?” when saying your goal.
  • Attainable – Your goal should be something you not only believe in, but something you believe you can achieve.
  • Realistic – Along those same lines, avoid setting the bar so high that it breaks your confidence.
  • Timely – Always include a date (like “December 31st” in our example).
This system is proven to increase the odds of successfully reaching a goal.

If you have really high hopes for singing (like making a career out of it or getting on a huge competition show), it’s also important to remember one simple fact:

A journey of 1,000 miles…
begins with a single step.

That first step is to choose the best singing lessons, and hopefully our research and reviews will help you do that quickly and easily.

Now, let’s look at the second major factor when picking voice lessons…


Theoretically, it would be great to learn from the world’s greatest singers for free, but that’s just not possible.

Their skills are so valuable and their time is so limited, that they charge $100’s/hour for lessons.

So, the next logical step is to determine your budget for learning to sing.

This includes both the amount of money you’re able to spend on lessons, and how much time you can afford to put into improving your voice.

See our article on the Cost of Singing Lessons to learn more.


Once you have figured out your goals and budget for singing, it will be much easier for you to figure out which course is the best for you with our in-depth singing lesson reviews.