If you’re looking for singing lessons, you’re probably wondering how much they will cost, right?

Well, the average cost of singing lessons in most areas tends to fall in the $20-$50/hour range.

For seasoned veterans and coaches that are well-known in the industry, it’s common to see prices from $75-$200/hour, especially in bigger cities like New York and Los Angeles.

Like anything, the cost of singing lessons varies, but it’s usually pretty easy to find quality lessons from a good coach for $50/hour or less.

At 2 lessons/week, that brings the cost to $160-$1,600/month. Figuring an average cost per hour lesson to be $40, that would come to $320/month for the instructor.

That’s not the only expense though. So, let’s break down the entire cost:

  • Cost of singing instructor
  • Cost of transportation to lessons
  • Cost of materials needed

Everybody thinks about the price they’ll pay directly to the teacher they learn from, but most beginners forget about those other costs, even though they add up quickly.

For example, many voice coaches will require reading materials, work books for practicing between sessions, and sometimes home study courses as supplemental content.

It’s tough to give an average cost for this part of the lessons since it depends completely on the teaching style, but as an example it would be reasonable to assume $50-$100/year, or about $7/month on average.

The other big expense is the added transportation cost of getting to the lessons.

This can take a lot of time too, depending on how far away the lessons are, so let’s do a quick example:

Say your instructor’s studio/house is 15 minutes away (30 minute round trip). If you take 2 lessons/week, that’s 1 hour of driving each week, a little over 4 hours per month, about 50 hours per year.

At an average price per gallon of gas of $3.50, an average speed of 40 MPH (miles per hour), an average MPG (miles per gallon) of 25, that would put the transportation cost at about:

  1. 40 miles/hour x 50 hours of driving/year = 2,000 miles/year
  2. (2,000 miles/year) / (25 miles/gallon) = 80 gallons/year
  3. 80 gallons/year x $3.50/gallon = $280/year
  4. $280 / 12 months = $23.33/month

Now, let’s bring it all together:

Monthly cost of singing lessons = $320 for instructor + $23 for transportation + $7 for materials

= $350/month for private singing lessons.

This is assuming you can find an instructor for $40/hour, but that’s not too hard in suburbs and smaller cities.

While some people are fine with spending $350/month to improve their voice, many people aren’t trying to make a career out of it and their budget isn’t that high.

See our singing lessons buying guide for more info on setting goals and budgeting for learning to sing.

This is exactly why we decided to research and buy home singing lessons online:

Instead of going to see a coach in person and paying for their time, you can pay once for a course they’ve created, and go through the exercises and lessons as many times as you want without paying another penny.

It’s also easier for them to make money since they only have to record each lesson once, rather than be there for every lesson with every student, which means they charge a lot less this way.

In fact, the average price per lesson ranges from $0.60 – $1.36/lesson for home singing courses!

In-person instruction is amazing, but if you can get most of the value from home singing lessons for such a low price, it makes to at least start there.

Check out our side-by-side singing lessons comparison to see if any of the courses are right for you.