Home singing lessons have gotten quite a bit of attention lately, so we want to take some time to break down the difference between learning to sing with private lessons, and learning from a course at home.

First, it’s very important to understand that most home singing courses are not created replace private lessons.

It’s almost impossible to erase the need for 1-on-1 instruction, because there’s just no better way to get feedback, track your progress, and stay motivated throughout the learning process.

That said, some instructors started noticing a trend a few years ago…

They were caught in an endless cycle of teaching their students the same things over and over, constantly trading their time for an hourly rate.

As their client base grew, their time didn’t, so they had to increase their rates.

This is why the average cost of private singing lessons can be around $350/month in total!

That’s only for a teacher charging $20/session, 30 minutes/session, but some charge 2-5x that rate.

The cost can skyrocket pretty quickly, but most aspiring singers just want to increase their range and control to be more confident singing in front of people, as opposed to investing a lot of money because they want to make a career out of their voice.

For most of us, it’s tough to budget $100’s/month on singing lessons, especially when we’re just getting started with formal training.

So, that brings us to the appeal of home study courses:

  • They’re a lot cheaper
  • They help you lay a solid foundation
  • You can rewind until you master each concept
  • You’ll have the exercises with you forever
  • You can still get support online
  • There’s no time wasted driving to lessons

Once these savvy instructors realized they could create the “perfect” course for their students, based on years of experience teaching the same concepts to 100’s of students, they could sell that course to 1,000’s of students at a discounted rate, and still make more money.

And that is how the home singing lessons market took off; instructors makeĀ more money in less time, and students get convenience and a lower price for the same content (without the 1-on-1 time).

It’s a tradeoff, but for most people we have talked to, we recommend trying a home singing course before investing more money into private lessons.

It took us months, but we slowly researched, bought, tested and reviewed all of the most popular home singing lessons we could find, and posted detailed reviews on our site.

Check out our reviews of the best singing lessons to compare them and find the right course for you.