Brett Manning's Singing Success ScreenshotLooking for an unbiased review of Singorama to figure out if it’s worth the money? We have been buying and trying all the most popular singing lessons online, and our rating algorithm ranked Singorama #3 overall.

Our rating considers quality of instruction, number of lessons, value for price, ease of use, entertainment, customer support, and more. After evaluating the entire Singorama course, the algorithm rated it 82.4/100.

Check out our full detailed Singorama review below to learn more about the lessons, see pros and cons, and easily figure out if it’s right for you.


Here’s what comes with the Singorama program:

  • 28 Audio lessons
  • 5 Vocal warmup exercises
  • 3 Original Songs with all tracks
  • Software: Mini Recording Studio, Perfect Your Pitch Pro and Jayde Musica (music reading)
  • Workbook: 154 page PDF guide to accompany audio lessons
  • How to Read Music ebook: 99 page PDF


Q: How much does Singorama cost?

A: The digital version is $97. The physical CD course is $299.95 + $50 for shipping. You can also get more lessons every month by joining the “Platinum Inner Circle”, which costs $27/month.

Q: Can I get my money back if I don’t like the course?

A: Yes. It’s easy to get a refund in the first 60 days by emailing support.

Q: Is Singorama comparable to private singing lessons?

A: The content included would cover about 10-20 private lessons (30 minutes each) for a total beginner. At $20/lesson, that would cost $200-$400 instead of $97.

Q: How many lessons will I get?

A: There are 28 interactive audio lessons, 5 warmup exercises, 3 original songs, 2 workbooks, and 3 software programs including learning games.

Q: Will it help a complete beginner?

A: Yes. Singorama is designed for beginners. Intermediate singers could still benefit, but a higher-rated course might be a better investment.

Q: What are the system requirements of the program?

A: Basic software programs to open MP3 audio files and PDF workbooks, and an Internet connection to download everything. PC & Mac compatible.

Q: How long does it take to get through the course?

A: If you practice 30 minutes per day, 3 days per week, you could realistically complete the course in a month or two, but you can always practice more.


Here is a breakdown of the other popular courses we have reviewed for comparison:

  1. Singing Success – Rating: 96.4% – Price: $199.95 – Type: Audio, Video, Book & Forum
  2. Sing with Freedom – Rating: 90.2% – Price: $147 – Type: DVD & Books or Online
  3. Singorama – Rating: 82.4% – Price: $99.95 – Type: Audio, eBooks & Software
  4. Vocal Release – Rating: 73.5% – Price: $97 – Type: Audio & eBook


Singing Lessons
Overall Rating

Our custom rating considers all of the singing lessons' features, quality, support, and personal & user reviews to save you time!

82.4/100 Rating
Rating: 82.4%

The current price of singing lessons (not including any coupon codes, trials or discounts we find for you.)


Price divided by total lessons. Note: We assume 12 full months of membership for online lessons.

$1.07 per Lesson
$4.54 per Session
Best Price

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The guarantee tells you how long you can try these singing lessons and get a full refund of your money if it doesn't work out.

60-Day, 100%
Money Back
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Lesson Format

Since singing lessons are offered in many different formats, we classify each one we review to distinguish between them quickly.

Audio, eBooks
& Software

Delivery refers to how you will receive your singing lessons and how long it will take to get access and start learning how to sing.


Does this product/service offer beginner singing lessons? This is the most common level, crucial for getting started at any age.


Do they also have lessons beyond the beginner level? Once you've mastered the basics, you'll want intermediate lessons.


Some teachers even have lessons designed for advanced players that have moved through beginner and intermediate lessons.

Ear Training

A trained ear can be a very helpful skill to have you're when singing. Most courses offer ear training.

Video Quality

If these lessons offer video instruction (and we hope they do), this gives an idea of how well-filmed the videos are.

Lesson Length

Most private singing teachers do 30 minute blocks, but some topics don't require that much time. This shows the range and average.

7-28 minutes
Total Lessons

Some courses out there have less than 50 lessons, which isn't much to build on. Look for at least 100 lessons.

93 Lessons
22 Sessions
Lesson Quality

Our personal rating for how well-made, organized and helpful these singing lessons are overall.

97.4/100 Rating
Lesson Quality: 97.4%
Value for Price

Value for price is our way of comparing lesson quality, features, tools and support with the cost of these singing lessons.

93.8/100 Rating
Value for Price: 93.8%
Ease of Use

How easy does the creator make their singing lessons to use? Are the videos easy to follow? Are the tools helpful or too complex?

86.2/100 Rating
Ease of Use: 86.2%

Support refers to how much help you will actually receive as a customer. Will the teacher(s) and students answer your questions?

81.1/100 Rating
Support: 81.1%

We personally evaluate each lesson for many logical ratings, but it's also important that you'll be entertained while learning.

94.5/100 Rating
Entertainment: 94.5%

Forums are a great resource to get answers to your questions from instructors and other students quickly and easily.

Private Q&A

Though getting public answers on a forum can be really helpful, sometimes asking a question privately is more helpful.


Every once in a while, it can be great to have print-friendly lessons when you need some material on a page in front of you.


Online lessons will sometimes give the option to download supplemental material for later.

Best Deal

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Full Review

Rating: 82.4/100. Highest-rated course under $100. Focused on beginners. Downloading the whole course is convenient, and software learning programs are a nice touch.

– Lowest price of top 3 courses
– Easy to use and download lessons
– Audio, workbook and software mix

– You have to download each file separately
– Ongoing lessons cost $27/month
– Not as much content as some courses

Lesson Format

Of the courses we have bought to review, Singorama is pretty well organized. We would have liked to see a few simple tweaks like zip files containing multiple lessons for easier access, but it’s definitely easy enough to use, even for complete beginners.

To summarize, here’s a quick list of what comes with the full Singorama program:

– Interactive Audio: 28 Lessons
– Vocal Warmup Exercises: 21
– Original Songs: 3
– Singorama Workbook (154 page PDF)
– How to Read Music (99 page PDF)
– Software: 3 learning programs

Now, let’s break down the entire course, part by part, so you know exactly what to expect if you decide to invest in the program for yourself or an aspiring singer you know…

Part 1: Audio Lessons

Getting Started as a Singer
1. Getting Started: Understanding Your Own Voice
2. Warmups and Strengthening the Voice
3. Breathing and Posture

Vocal Technique
4. Vocal Tone
5. Pitch: Staying in Tune
6. Chest Voice and Head Voice
7. Bad Habits to Avoid
8. Extending Your Vocal Range: Part I of II

The Technical Stuff
9. Time Signatures, Key Signatures, and Rhythm
10. Major & Minor Keys and the Solfege System
11. Intervals and the Solfege System

Singing Style
12. Different Styles of Music
13. Harmony
14. Different Genres of Music

Learn Entire Songs
15. Meaning of a Song: Part I on Lyrics and Tone
16. Meaning of a Song: Part II on Emotions and Personality
17. Making a Song Your Own
18. Learning a Full Song: Part I of II
19. Learning a Full Song: Part II of II

Your Future as a Singer
20. Solutions to Common Problems
21. Your Future as a Singer
22. Extending Your Vocal Range- Part II of II
23. Performance Tips
24. Auditions
25. Writing Your First Song
26. Singing with a Band
27. Performance Anxiety
28. Final Overview

Part 2: Vocal Warmup Exercises

1. Lip Roll Exercise
2. Siren Exercise
3. Warmup Scales
4. 121 Exercise
5. “I like to sing” Exercise

Part 3: Original Songs

1. Ballad: Lyrics, Vocals, Instrumental & Full Mix
2. Rock: Lyrics, Vocals, Instrumental & Full Mix
3. Pop: Lyrics, Vocals, Instrumental & Full Mix

Part 4: Workbooks

1. Singorama workbook (PDF companion to audio lessons)
2. How to Read Music workbook

Part 5: Software (PC & Mac)

1. Singorama Mini Recording Studio
2. Perfect Your Pitch Pro
3. Jayde Musica (Music Reading)

Is Singorama for You?

While there are courses we have rated higher than Singorama, it has two distinct advantage: Price and Software.

The top two lessons include more content, and were created by two very popular, highly-trained singers, but it’s important to note that Singorama is the best course for under $100.

It’s also nice that they offer a 60-day money back guarantee, making this the lowest-risk purchase of any singing lessons we’ve bought (considering its price is lower, but it still offers a great refund policy).

If you would prefer to download your singing course, and want a mixture of audio, workbooks and software, Singorama is a solid choice for beginners.

Conclusion to our Singorama Review

We hope you enjoyed our detailed Singorama review, and that our evaluation helped you figure out if it’s right for you.